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How My Game Show Appearance Jumpstarted My Business

I consider myself a really lucky guy.

 In a matter of 9 months, a product I developed has been featured on national television, been picked up by retail stores, developed two new flavors, and my dream of being the owner of a successful business is looking more realistic every day.  All because of an old family barbecue sauce recipe, some sweat equity, and lots of luck.


 It all started when my friends began asking me to sell them my recipe for my honey habanero bacon BBQ sauce, but things really picked up when it beat out thousands of other entries to be a contestant on Lifetime TV’s Supermarket Superstar. Thinking back, a year ago I would never have guessed that a debt collector like me could have his future changed so drastically.  

 Going onto a new show was exhilarating but at the same time frightening. I saw some of the contestants on similar shows torn to shreds and their hopes and dreams shattered; I was really concerned how it would turn out. I only had a few weeks’ notice that I would be on the show during which I did everything I could to make sure my pitch was perfect.

 Flying to California from Wake Forest, N.C. I started to realize my dreams were about to start becoming real. It was and still is all  surreal. The show really made me feel like a superstar. They had someone at the airport holding a sign with my name on it! I was so excited by this I actually had to take a picture of it. Once on set my fears went away and I put my game face on. In between takes I would listen to some of my favorite motivational speakers to get hyped. Hearing all the great feedback from the mentors, in particular Chef Chiarello, to the focus group really strengthened my confidence. Some might think having your product being a runner upon the show might be a career ender. For me it was the fuel to make not only my product but my brand better. I received great constructive criticism from some of the industry’s top mentors and knew where I was weak.

Turns out, everything worked out better than I could ever imagine. Being on the show started to open doors for me as word of

my appearance spread. I am all about local helping local so one of the 1st doors to be opened was to be a special guest judge in a local cook-off in Rolesville, NC. I had entered this cook-off the previous year and it gave me the confidence to apply to be on the show. Jenny Rowe said of the event “The Rolesville Chamber of Commerce is so very proud of our local celebrity, Adam Wright, and all he has achieved with The Wright Sauce.  We appreciate all he has done to support our local events and to put Rolesville on the map.” I was thrilled to be involved and had a blast, let alone how much exposure the sauce got on a local level! In my search for the perfect bacon, I happened to find it was right by my house at The Fire Pit of Wake Forest, NC. I fell in love with the place and this lead to forming a great relationship with them. They even opened their doors the evening of my appearance on Supermarket Superstars and threw the best viewing party anyone could ask for. Ted Patterson the owner said, “We are really pleased to be able to support Adam!  We want to help him in any way we can!” Finally, I found not only a great bottling company, but also some of the best honey I have ever had at Bobbee’s Bottling in Louisburg, NC. Jerri Alford, customer service manager, said “We believe Adam has developed exceptional products and the flavor profile for The Wright Sauce is spot on. We believe he has done a phenomenal job developing these unique sauces coupled with a great marketing approach.” Being on Supermarket Superstar truly is one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was the best jump start to a business I could ever ask for.


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